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All is not lost! If you want to make the flavorful and unique "green walnut" wine, but now are too late to obtain any more green walnuts as they all have hardened shells as of June 25 or so, there is a solution for the first days of July only. Green English walnut leaves make an excellent flavored/fortified wine, a half-gallon of which requires only a pound of freshly-picked leaves, air-dried for 4 days or so.

Just e-mail haag@cal.net a quick request such as a two word-or-so message like "Send leaves" or "Want wine" or "walnut leaves" and we'll collect leaves that day for you, keep them in the shade for a day, and 3-day ship to your door, ready for your processing by simply hand-crumbling then. Price: $10.95 plus 3-day U.S. Priority Mail Postage of $18.75, for a total of $29.70 exactly, paid by check or the payment button we send you for your credit card. (For 5 lb or larger lots, the price drops 25% to $8.21/lb plus shipping.)

A Recipe for Walnut Leaves Wine:

1 lb air-dried walnut leaflets, color intact (from shade drying)
750 ml of brandy
2 standard-size 750 ml bottles of red wine of your choice
1/2 lb granulated sugar

Hand-crumble the walnut leaflets after tearing or snipping them off from the stems on the walnut leaf. (Dry leaflets an extra day or two if they are not crumbling easily. We specially provide you only the 5 largest leaflets on each compound walnut leaf, leaving attached to the tree the rest of the leaf with the two or four smallest leaflets on the large stem.) Pour the brandy over the leaflets and stir gently for several minutes. If desired, machine process the granulated sugar for a couple of minutes so that it is superfine (called caster or castor sugar), but not as fine as confectionery sugar. This aids in dissolving it. Add sugar. Add the wine and give a gentle stir for a minute or two. Cover the container and store in the shade for 6-8 weeks, stirring once or twice a week. Finally, filter the mixture, perhaps cheese cloth first, followed by a paper coffee filter, and then bottle. Drink immediately or age further. Copyright (C) 2005

Jim Haag, www.Walnuts.US, haag@cal.net
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NOTE: An alternate recipe for making (instead of flavoring) actual wine from walnut leaves, demerara sugar, and honey can be found on the internet at http://winemaking.jackkeller.net/reques85.asp
(This recipe is adapted from a British one of 1954 and we have used it with success.)


Walnut leaves from healthy trees in their prime!

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Walnut Leaf Wine


Typical English walnut compound leaf with many leaflets.


Healthy walnut leaves with the biggest 5 leaflets chosen from each leaf to send to you.


We only send you the plumpest part of the leaf--5 leaflets.